About Us:

Kinex News is a digital news channel based in Jharkhand, India. This idea was launched on Rohit Raj and was brought up by Dhanbad, which is now creating a huge success in the city.

What we are:

In the era of the Smart working environment, we need Smart ways to keep ourselves updated about this Environment.

Kinex News is one of the initiatives to enable digital transformation and provide the latest updated breaking news with the trending topics. Presenting the Fearless, unbiased and Honest Information keeps us connected and loved by the audience.

Right from the top stories to the new startups, Technology to Digital marketing, you will get the Crisp of everything in just one click.

We at Kinex Newsmaker sure that our broadcast coverage remains the most balanced and give you the in-depth details by smooth scrolls.


We are here not just to deliver the news continuously for the entire day without any pause, but our Vision is to create a positive environment by spreading the right information and make the public aware of the present and upcoming scenarios.

This is one of the reasons why Kinex News is recognized amongst the top News platforms.

We are proud to bring out the radical changes in the news system by creating our unique views and creating an everlasting impact on the real world.

Our Growth:

With the team of intellectual and creative minds, we have been successful in presenting our top stories in the field of latest tech features, Games, Business, Digital Marketing, and Startups in Hindi as well as English.

Not only the latest updates but also our Creative heads are equally involved in focusing on the designs to ensure that you get the best experience on our website and of course, it creates a long-lasting impression in readers’ minds.

Why us?

With the bloom of the electronic industry, we have identified it as an opportunity to make the public aware of the current events bypassing the burden of time and flexibility.

Our customizability comes in handy for the readers. Our Journals and editors ensure that the stories are live and are displayed frequently with the perfect headline and pictures so that you do not miss the important news.

We make the proper use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks to ensure that the youth are also aware of the reality.

We keep you up to date and fight for disinformation and misinformation to deliver quality journalism without any language barrier.

Letter from us:

Stories are made, but it becomes a Great story when it gets a huge response from the readers.

We are here to keep you informed but the reaction and the sound of the audience is something that will keep us going.

Being together and your support will help us to lead the biggest wave of journalism. Hence, we will be always open to your suggestions.

Not only we care about the truth but also we equally care about our audience.

Adding to the mix, we expect the permanent connectivity, trust and a digital transformation.